Wood Like Eco-Friendly Bowed Shaped Hangers with Heavy-Duty Finish for Suits and Coats


Features: DESIGN: Our W: 8.86, L: 17.64, H: 2.5 inches wooden hanger adds a touch of elegance to any closet with its ribbed borders and shoulder area notch. These hangers give...

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  • DESIGN: Our W: 8.86, L: 17.64, H: 2.5 inches wooden hanger adds a touch of elegance to any closet with its ribbed borders and shoulder area notch. These hangers give your wardrobe a stylish appearance while ensuring that your clothing stays in fantastic shape thanks to their sleek, flat body as well as easy yet useful design.
  • Construction: These wooden hangers are made of sturdy natural hardwood and are both light and tough. They are made to make your clothing beautiful and appealing in addition to being well-organized. These strong hangers can support weighty garment items, offering long-lasting, environmentally friendly alternatives for your closet.
  • Safety and Security:  Your clothing is the focus of the design of this wooden coat hanger. Clothing of all sizes and designs can be hung on the hanger due to its anti-slip contoured design and perfectly shaped notches along the shoulder. With our wooden hangers, you will be able to leave to stretched-out collars and slippery straps.
  • Functionality: This wooden clothing hanger is truly versatile due to the huge anti-rust chromed 360° rotating hook, making it easy to hang on doors, rods, and bars. The smooth edges and corners shield your clothing from snags and tears, while the flexibility makes sure your wardrobe remains organized.
  • Uses: These multipurpose clothes hangers provide an extra hook to organize the hangers, making them ideal for organizing closets and wardrobes, cleaning entryways, or maximizing closet storage space. Our wooden hangers are made to meet all of your wardrobe needs, whether you require coat hangers for your closet or suit hangers for men.


This Ustech hanger brings an element of sophistication to any closet. Featuring distinctive ribbed borders and a shoulder area notch, it combines style with functionality. Its sleek, flat body ensures your clothing maintains its shape, while the user-friendly design makes organizing easy. Elevate your wardrobe with this elegant and practical addition.

Our Ustech Wooden Hangers, are crafted from durable natural hardwood. These hangers are lightweight yet incredibly sturdy, designed to enhance the presentation of your clothing while keeping them neatly organized. With the ability to support even heavy garments, they provide a sustainable, long-lasting choice for your closet.

The Usech innovative Wooden Coat Hanger is meticulously crafted with a focus on preserving your wardrobe. Its thoughtfully designed contours and anti-slip features ensure a snug fit for all types of clothing. The precisely cut notches prevent unsightly stretching and slipping, guaranteeing your garments stay in impeccable shape. Elevate your closet organization with these premium wooden hangers.

Ustech versatile wooden clothing hanger, designed with your wardrobe in mind. Featuring an anti-rust chromed 360° rotating hook, it effortlessly hangs on doors, rods, and bars. The smooth edges and corners protect your clothing from snags, ensuring they stay in pristine condition. With added flexibility, your wardrobe stays organized and clutter-free. These multipurpose hangers come with an extra hook for easy organization, making them perfect for closets, entryways, and maximizing storage space. Whether you need coat hangers or suit hangers, our wooden collection caters to all your wardrobe essentials.

Product FAQs

Q: What are the dimensions of the wooden hanger?

Ans: Our wooden hanger measures W: 8.86, L: 17.64, H: 2.5 inches.

Q: What is the material used for the construction of the hanger?

Ans: The hanger is made of sturdy natural hardwood, making it both light and tough.

Q: Does the hanger prevent bumps or deformation on clothing?

Ans: Yes, the bow design mimics the shape of your shoulder and prevents the formation of any bumps, ensuring your clothing stays in fantastic shape.

Q: Does the hanger have any special features for suits or jackets?

Ans: The hanger follows the contours of your jacket or suit shoulder, eliminating the possibility of any deformation.

Q: What is the design of the hanger like?

Ans: The hanger has a ribbed border and shoulder area notch, adding a touch of elegance to any closet while keeping your clothing in great shape.

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