Cami Alloy Steel Hangers w/ Non-Slip Clips-Metal Finish


Features: DESIGN:  These hangers' ergonomic shape makes it simple to hang and remove clothing, and their stackable design gives more closet space. For anyone who wishes to maximize their closet space...

Pack: Pack of 12

Pack of 12
Pack of 6


  • DESIGN:  These hangers' ergonomic shape makes it simple to hang and remove clothing, and their stackable design gives more closet space. For anyone who wishes to maximize their closet space without losing organization, these hangers are ideal. The traditional shape of the hangers makes them a space-saving solution because you can fit a lot of them in a small space.
  • MATERIAL:  The hangers are made of sturdy alloy steel with non-slip clips that keep your clothing in place securely. Your clothing is protected from damage and remains in place by the rubber-coated indicates on the clips and hooks.
  • VERSATILITY: These cami hangers are versatile and may be used for a variety of garments, including scarves, tank tops, pants, skirts, and baby clothes with clips. Belts and other accessories can be hung using the accessory open hook for even more organizational options.
  • DURABLE:  The non-slip clips that come with the hangers keep your garments firmly in place and are constructed of durable alloy steel. Your clothing is protected from damage and won't come off due to the rubber-coated tips on the clips and hooks. It aids in extending its useful life without bending.
  • FINISH:  The metal finish hangers provide them with an attractive look that will go with any closet decor.  The cami standard-shaped hangers are the ideal addition to your collection of closet space-saving hangers, whether you're looking for lingerie hangers, cami hangers for the closet, or clip-on clothing hangers.


The USTECH Cami Hanger is your ultimate space-saving solution for organizing your closet with style and efficiency. Crafted from durable steel and featuring rubber-coated tips, these hangers offer a non-slip grip for your delicate garments. Equipped with sturdy metal clips, they are perfect for hanging tank tops, lingerie, and skirts, keeping your wardrobe organized and clutter-free. Upgrade your closet with these versatile and sleek hangers for a multipurpose storage solution.

USTECH's premium hangers are made from robust alloy steel for long-lasting durability. Each hanger is equipped with non-slip clips, ensuring your clothes stay securely in position. The rubber-coated tips on the clips and hooks offer an extra layer of protection, safeguarding your garments from any potential damage or slippage. Elevate your closet organization with USTECH's reliable design.

USTECH's Cami Standard Shaped Hangers is a space-saving solution that keeps your closet tidy and efficient. These hangers feature a unique cascading clip design, allowing you to hang multiple garments together for a seamless storage experience. Their ergonomic shape ensures effortless hanging and removal, while the stackable feature optimizes closet space. Ideal for those seeking a balance between maximizing space and maintaining impeccable organization.

The Cami Standard Shaped Hangers - a blend of style and functionality. The sleek metal finish adds a modern touch, effortlessly enhancing any closet decor. Whether you need specialized hangers for camisoles, or garments with clips, these hangers are a must-have for your space-saving collection. Their versatility extends to accommodating skirts, pants, tank tops, scarves, and even baby clothes with clips. Plus, the open hook add-on provides extra space for belts and accessories of simple beauty.

Hang on to our steel hangers and enjoy an organized wardrobe for years to come!

Product FAQs

Q: What is the design of these hangers?

Ans: The standard design mimics the shape of your shoulder and prevents any bump formation. The classic design of the hangers makes for a space-saving option, as you can put a lot of them within a tight space.

Q: Are these hangers stackable?

Ans: Yes, these hangers are stackable, which allows for more closet space and better organization.

Q: How many hangers come in a set?

Ans: Each set includes a specific number of hangers, typically enough to accommodate a standard closet.

Q: Can these hangers hold heavy clothing items?

Ans: Yes, these hangers are designed to be sturdy and durable, capable of holding heavy clothing items without bending or breaking.

Q: Are these hangers suitable for all types of clothing?

Ans: These hangers are versatile and can be used for a wide range of clothing items, from lightweight to heavy garments.

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Pack of 12, Pack of 6


Customer Reviews

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Great Quality, Clips Could Be Slightly Stronger

I'm impressed with the quality of these Cami Alloy Steel Hangers. The metal finish gives them a modern look, and the non-slip clips are effective in keeping my camisoles in place. My only minor gripe is that the clips could be slightly stronger, as they sometimes struggle to hold thicker fabrics securely. However, this doesn't detract from the overall functionality of the hangers, and I'm satisfied with their performance. Overall, a great addition to any closet!

Perfect for Organizing Wardrobe

These Cami Alloy Steel Hangers with Non-Slip Clips are a game-changer for my wardrobe organization! The metal finish adds a sleek touch to my closet, while the non-slip clips securely hold my camisoles in place without leaving any marks. The alloy steel construction feels durable and long-lasting. Overall, an excellent purchase that has made my closet look and feel more organized. Highly recommend!