Multi-Tier Alloy Steel Hangers with Chrome Finish, Folding, and Spinner Hook-(Pack of 2)


Features: DESIGN: The compact 4-tier foldable shape is great for storing ties, mufflers, belts, and other accessories in a small place. Ties, mufflers, belts, empty backpacks, and bags can all be...



  • DESIGN: The compact 4-tier foldable shape is great for storing ties, mufflers, belts, and other accessories in a small place. Ties, mufflers, belts, empty backpacks, and bags can all be hung. Furthermore, the V-shaped hook at the base retains additional accessories.
  • MATERIAL: The alloy steel construction of the hangers allows for huge loads to be placed without fear of deformation. The steel ensures that the hangers remain rust-free for the duration of their use, guaranteeing that your clothing does not accumulate stains, even in humid environments.
  • VERSATILITY: The multi-tier hangers not only hold multiple items, but also your collection of scarves, kerchiefs, and ties. Because of the alloy steel material, you may use these hangers in your kitchen and bathroom without worrying about them rusting.
  • DURABLE: Nothing compares to the hangers' longevity due to their alloy steel. In addition, the pant bar cushioning extends the shelf life.
  • FINISH: The smooth chrome finish gives a touch of class to your wardrobe, kitchen, or bathroom. The hanger's long-lasting shine aids in maintaining its fresh appearance for an extended period of time.


The USTECH metal 4-tier hanger is designed to keep your ties and accessories organized and easily accessible. Its four tiers offer plenty of space to hang ties, belts, scarves, and other accessories, while the metal construction provides strength and stability. The hanger also has a slim design that fits into any closet or wardrobe without taking up too much space. With its modern and elegant look, the USTECH metal 4-tier hanger will be an attractive addition to any wardrobe.

The USTECH metal 4-tier hanger is the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to stay organized and stylish. This hanger is constructed with a durable metal frame that is designed to hold up to four ties and other accessories in one convenient place. The top tier can hold scarves, hats, and other items, while the lower tiers can securely hold ties and other items. The tiers are adjustable so you can customize it to your needs, and the sleek design will look great in any closet or wardrobe.

This small item is made of durable alloy steel, giving it a sturdy construction and allowing you to hang heavier items such as chunky jewelry and heavily embellished belts without worrying about them losing their shape. The steel also helps retain the polished look and prevents rust from collecting on it. Additionally, these hangers feature a V-shaped hook for holding belts and bags securely. With its reliable construction and versatile design, this hanger is ideal for hanging a variety of items.

This multi-tier hanger is made of rust-resistant alloy-steel metal, making it ideal for use in any room of your home. It can hold up to three items, such as hand towels, dishtowels, or even clothing, keeping them organized and out of the way. The hanger is strong and durable, and the metal won't rust even if it gets wet. It's the perfect way to make the most of your closet, kitchen, or bathroom space.

These sleek and stylish steel hangers are the perfect way to keep your closet, kitchen, or bathroom organized. The steel construction ensures that these hangers are strong and resilient, and the chrome finish adds a touch of sophistication to any setting. The hangers come in a variety of styles to suit any need and they can hang a variety of items, such as clothing, towels, and more. They are easy to use and the elegant finish ensures that they will remain in excellent condition for years to come. With the ability to organize and hang items neatly, these hangers are perfect for use in the home, office, or anywhere else.

Hang on to our steel hangers and enjoy an organized wardrobe for years to come!

Product FAQs

Q: What type of accessories can be stored on this 4-tier foldable hanger?

Ans: This hanger is designed to store ties, mufflers, belts, empty backpacks, bags, and other accessories.

Q: Is the hanger foldable for easy storage?

Ans: Yes, the 4-tier hanger is foldable, making it convenient to store when not in use.

Q: How many tiers does this hanger have?

Ans: This hanger has 4 tiers, providing ample space for organizing accessories.

Q: What is the V-shaped hook at the base of the hanger used for?

Ans: The V-shaped hook at the base of the hanger is designed to hold additional accessories securely.

Q: Can this hanger be used for organizing scarves?

Ans: Yes, this hanger is suitable for organizing scarves, as well as ties, belts, and other accessories.


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Rachel S
Maximize Your Closet Space!

These Multi-Tier Alloy Steel Hangers are a lifesaver! The folding and spinner hook features have allowed me to optimize my closet space efficiently. They're sturdy, reliable, and have made my daily routine much smoother. Highly recommend!