5 Tier Folding Alloy Steel Hangers With Metal Finish And Non-Slip Clips


Features: DESIGN: The space-saving 5-tier hanger is easy to hang in any closet due to the long swivel hook, and the sleek and glossy steel finish gives your closet organization an...

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  • DESIGN: The space-saving 5-tier hanger is easy to hang in any closet due to the long swivel hook, and the sleek and glossy steel finish gives your closet organization an elegant touch. The 5-tier foldable design is great for organizing your jeans and other wearables in a small space. When in use, you can hang 5 pairs of pants at once; when not in use, you can fold the hangers and tuck them into the space of only one hanger.
  • MATERIAL:  This metal hanger with adjustable clips is made of high-quality alloy steel and is sturdy enough to hold multiple items of clothing without bending or warping. The steel ensures that the hangers remain rust-free for the duration of their use.
  • VERSATILITY: The multi-tier hangers not only store multiple pairs of pants, slacks, or shorts but also your scarf and towel set. The adjustable non-slip clips allow you to organize your clothing, pants, and scarves as you prefer, which makes this hanger a great space-saving addition to any closet organizer or dorm room essentials kit.
  • DURABLE: This hanger's sturdy alloy steel structure assures that it will support several items of clothing without bending or warping. nothing compares to the hangers' longevity due to their alloy steel. similarly, the pant bar padding extends the shelf life. The rubber-coated rod and clip indicate make sure your clothing won't slide or snag while protecting it from any damage from metal clips.
  • FINISH: While the smooth and glossy steel surface gives a touch of class to your closet, kitchen, or bathroom, the black-colored non-slip coverings on the clips enhance the appearance.


The USTECH Metal Hanger with Clips 5 Tier is a versatile organizational solution made from durable Alloy Steel. Its non-slip clips securely hold skirts, shorts, and scarves in place, preventing them from slipping off. The folding frame and hook allow for easy storage and retrieval, making it ideal for both closets and kitchens. Elevate your organization game with this sleek and space-saving hanger.

The Adjustable non-slip clip Hanger is a versatile solution for your closet organization needs. Its customizable design allows you to arrange clothes, pants, and scarves effortlessly, while the non-slip clips ensure everything stays securely in place. This hanger is a must-have addition to any closet organizer or dorm room essentials kit, offering a space-saving and functional solution.

The metal hanger This sturdy hanger, made of high alloy steel, makes sure your clothing stays properly arranged. Its strong construction may easily support several clothes without losing its form. The large swivel hook enables flexible installation in any closet or space-saving arrangement. The modern, glossy steel finish adds a touch of elegance to your wardrobe organization while also increasing its longevity. Improve the storage in your closet with this 5-tiered hanger that is built to last.

Our innovative rubber-coated rod and clip tips are designed to provide a secure grip on your clothes without snagging or causing damage. Whether you need a pant hanger, scarf hanger, or clothes hanger with clips, this versatile clip hanger is the ideal metal organizer for your closet. Its multi-tiered design not only maximizes your closet space but also offers efficient clothing organization. Keep your garments in top condition while optimizing your storage with this adjustable closet organizer.

Hang on to our steel hangers and enjoy an organized wardrobe for years to come!

Product FAQs

Q: How many pairs of pants can this 5-tier hanger hold?

Ans: This 5-tier hanger can hold up to 5 pairs of pants at a time.

Q: Is this hanger foldable for easy storage?

Ans: Yes, this hanger is foldable, making it convenient for storing away when not in use.

Q: What type of material is this hanger made of?

Ans: This hanger is made of sleek and glossy steel, giving it a durable and elegant finish.

Q: Can this hanger be used for organizing other types of clothing?

Ans: While designed for pants, this hanger can also be used to organize other wearables like jeans or scarves.

Q: Does this hanger come with a swivel hook for easy hanging?

Ans: Yes, this hanger comes with a long swivel hook, making it easy to hang in any closet.

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