2 Tier X-Shaped Nylon Strapped Luggage Rack with Rubber Feet and High Back


Features: DESIGN: The X-shaped 2-tier luggage rack is a versatile and multifunctional storage solution. It can be used as a shoe rack or temporary storage shelf. sturdy rubber feet and secure nylon...

Size: Pack of 2

Pack of 2


  • DESIGN: The X-shaped 2-tier luggage rack is a versatile and multifunctional storage solution. It can be used as a shoe rack or temporary storage shelf. sturdy rubber feet and secure nylon straps ensure a slip-free surface, while easy assembly saves you time and effort. When not in use, the folding mechanism and bent legs make for simple storage, making it ideal for small places like closets, guest rooms, and dorm dorms.
  • MATERIAL:  This luggage rack is made of durable alloy steel with a high back that can safely keep your stuff and keep it from slipping off. The finish also gives the racks a glossy and attractive look. The racks are designed with a modern and stylish look, making them perfect for any home or office.
  • VERSATILITY:  This luggage rack is a versatile storage option for any room because it works well for storing shoes, baskets, bags, and purses in addition to carrying luggage. The racks can also be used to store cooking utensils in the kitchen.
  • DURABILITY: This steel X-shaped rack is designed to provide maximum durability and stability, able to withstand heavy loads. Its distinctive X-shape helps to evenly distribute the load, while the bent legs provide a strong and secure foundation. With its heavy-duty steel construction, this rack is sure to last.
  • FINISH:  This luggage rack is strong and long-lasting, made of alloy steel, and has a high back that keeps your items from slipping off. The bright and shiny finish adds an eye-catching appeal to any room, while also being easy to clean and maintain. This durable finish will last for years without losing its luster.


The USTECH Luggage Rack is a versatile and convenient solution for your home. With its X-shape DIY design, two spacious shelves, and sturdy nylon straps, it offers a stylish and practical storage solution for your suitcases. The high back support ensures that your luggage stays in place, while the heavy-duty design provides durability. When not in use, it easily folds away, making it an excellent addition to your guest room, bedroom, or entryway for a clutter-free and encouraging space.

The USTECH Luggage Rack is a sturdy and versatile storage solution crafted from durable alloy steel. Its high-back design ensures your belongings stay securely in place, preventing any accidental spills. But this rack is not just for luggage! It's perfect for organizing shoes, baskets, bags, and purses, making it an adaptable storage addition for any room in your home. keep your space tidy and your items well-organized with the USTECH Luggage Rack.

This X-shaped luggage storage rack is the perfect choice for heavy-duty storage. Its sturdy, bent-leg design and durable nylon straps make it strong enough to hold even the most seriously weighty objects. The straps are malleable, allowing for rough usage without worry of breakage, and they also allow for easy folding of the storage unit. This luggage storage rack is an ideal choice for anyone who needs reliable storage that stands up to heavy items.

Our sleek and stylish chrome-finished folding rack. Its modern design not only enhances aesthetics but also provides robust protection against rust and corrosion. The smart folding mechanism and bent legs make storage a breeze, ideal for compact spaces like dorm rooms, guest rooms, or closets. Enjoy both form and function with this versatile piece. our reliable luggage rack, is equipped with sturdy rubber feet and durable nylon straps for a secure and slip-free surface. Your belongings will stay safe and stable during transit. With effortless assembly, it saves you time and effort, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience.

The USTECH 2-Tier X-shaped luggage rack is designed for easy assembly. No professional help is required, and the rack can be set up and ready to use within minutes. The simple design ensures that all parts fit together quickly and securely, so you can easily store your luggage and enjoy worry-free travel.

Tie your luggage up tight with our sturdy X-shaped steel Luggage Rack!

Product FAQs

Q: Is assembly required for this luggage rack?

Ans: Yes, minimal assembly is required for this luggage rack.

Q: Can this luggage rack be used as a shoe rack?

Ans: Yes, the X-shaped design allows for temporary use as a shoe rack as well.

Q: How can this luggage rack be stored when not in use?

Ans: The folding mechanism and bent legs make it easy to store in small spaces like closets or dorm rooms.

Q: Is the surface of the luggage rack slip-free?

Ans: Yes, the sturdy rubber feet and secure nylon straps ensure a slip-free surface.

Q: What are the dimensions of this luggage rack?

Ans: The dimensions of the luggage rack are [insert dimensions here].

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Pack of 2