2-Tier Adjustable Expandable Shoe Rack - Large Free-Standing Closet Shelf for Bedroom and Entryway


Features: DESIGN: The 2-tier shoe rack is a great way to organize your footwear in a compact space. Its innovative slide-n-adjust mechanism allows you to store your shoes flat or angled,...

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  • DESIGN: The 2-tier shoe rack is a great way to organize your footwear in a compact space. Its innovative slide-n-adjust mechanism allows you to store your shoes flat or angled, so you can customize them to fit your needs. With this space-saving solution, you can keep more of your shoes in one place.
  • MATERIAL: For all of your storage needs, this shoe rack's sturdy alloy steel design ensures longevity. The shelves are adjustable, and the anti-skid feet prevent any slipping and sliding, ensuring your shoes stay in place. Get these shoe racks and keep your home clutter-free.
  • VERSATILITY: The entryway, closet, and other spaces are ideal for this free-standing shoe rack. Being lightweight and multipurpose, this shoe organizer is convenient to transport as needed. In addition, it's an adjustable shoe rack that fits boots and shoes for kids of various sizes. It's also great for organizing and sorting your footwear. Get the most out of your space with the slide-n-adjust shoe storage system!
  • DURABILITY: With its durable alloy steel construction, this shoe rack is ideal for all of your storage needs. With multiple tiers, these racks provide storage space to keep all your items organized. Get these racks and enjoy the convenience they offer.
  • FINISH: With its non-slip chrome finish and rubber feet to keep it from sliding, this shoe organizer holds your shoes securely in place. The rack is designed to be durable and reliable, ensuring that coats, hats, and umbrellas stay securely in place.


The USTECH 2 Tier Adjustable, Expandable Shoe Rack Storage Organizer is a versatile and practical solution for keeping your footwear neatly organized. This portable rack offers ample space for your shoes, making it perfect for bedrooms and entryways. Its expandable design allows for customization to fit your specific storage needs, while the two-tiered structure maximizes vertical space. The sturdy construction ensures durability, while the free-standing design means no installation is required.

This storage rack is crafted from high-quality steel for superior durability and sturdiness. The steel construction prevents premature wear, making it a reliable option for storing multiple pairs of shoes. Despite the robust build, the rack remains lightweight and easily portable, allowing you to place it anywhere with ease.

The ultimate solution for shoe storage. This cabinet boasts a hassle-free assembly process, ensuring a quick setup. Its unique slide-n-adjust feature allows you to store your shoes flat or angled. This free-standing rack is a versatile organizer, ideal for closets, entryways, and beyond. Its portability makes rearranging a breeze. Plus, its adjustable design accommodates shoes of all sizes, from kids' footwear to boots, making it the perfect fit for every household.

Our versatile shoe organizer makes sure your shoes stay securely in place with its non-slip chrome finish. Its rubber feet increase stability and stop it from slipping. With its extendable design, which holds several pairs of shoes without taking up more space, the entrance will always be organized and neat. This shoe rack's multilayer, stacking construction makes it both attractive and practical, keeping your shoe collection organized and easily accessible.

Product FAQs

Q: How many tiers does this shoe rack have?

Ans: This shoe rack has a 4-tier design, allowing you to store more shoes in a tight space.

Q: Can I adjust the shelves on this shoe rack?

Ans: Yes, the shelves on this shoe rack are adjustable to accommodate different shoe sizes.

Q: Is the material of this shoe rack durable?

Ans: Yes, this shoe rack is made of sturdy alloy steel for longevity.

Q: Does this shoe rack have anti-skid feet?

Ans: Yes, this shoe rack is equipped with anti-skid feet to prevent any slipping.

Q: Can I store my shoes flat or angled on this shoe rack?

Ans: Yes, the slide-n-adjust mechanism allows you to store your shoes as you like them - flat or angled.

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Pack of 2, Pack of 1


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